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Maurer Imobiliare


Maurer Imobiliare


Maurer Imobiliare is a company that dominates the real estate market in Romania. It was founded in 2005 by Simon Maurer, a German investor who came to Romania to establish a new rhythm in building homes for the middle class population. 

The company has 118 employees in Brasov headquarters and 28 in Sibiu, the second location of the development.


Avantgarden3 Brașov and Avantgarden3 Sibiu, and now the new project – Maurer Residence are the most successful projects of Maurer Imobiliare, offering the local communities thousands of new built apartments, changing the lives of many people.

Avantgarden3 Brașov is situated in the western part of the city, in a key position – being a junction point of the main city exits and entries. In the nearness of Avantgarden3 Brașov are the headquarters of many international companies (such as INA Schae%uFB04er, Duvenbeck, Volvo Trucks, Autoliv, Sika, Hutchinson, Queen etc) and also the international airport that is going to function in the near future.


Having this in mind, the targeted clients are young aged (20 - 45 years old) middle-class people, with above average incomes who want to live in a residential development.

Maurer Residence is situated in the northen part of Brașov being developed in a key place – across the street from the biggest mall of the city – Coresi Shopping Mall. 

From this point on, we have to mention that, for the moment, this area is one of the most popular among the younger generation, thus our targeted clients are young aged aged people above average incomes who want to live in a residencial development, near the commercial centre.

Our development is highly connected to the public transport, and one can get to every point of the city in several minutes (the city center is only 10 minutes away by car).

Avantgarden3 Sibiu has a strategic location, being positioned at the main entrance of the city in the vecinity of Sibiu Shopping City, the largest retail development of Sibiu county. Moreover, the historical center is only 10 minutes away by car.


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